HYBRIDIZATION + THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS CANNABIS HYBRIDIZATION It is the radical hybridization of these wide ranging cannabis genetics that has made cannabis consumption so popular today. Through hybridization the most extreme or less desirable traits and effects of the plant can be decreased, while more desirable effects can be increased, making for a more satisfying experience […]


HISTORY OF CANNABIS CANNABIS An ancient plant, cannabis in its many forms has been used continuously by people the world over for thousands of years.  Its evolution stemming from the Tibetan Plateau, cannabis began to find its way to the earliest human civilizations in Asia, Africa, Europe, and all over the ancient world. Prized for […]


EXPERIENCE + EFFECTS There are many factors that determine how cannabis will affect you – and everyone is different. Things like quantity or dose are important but so are consumption methods… your surrounding environment or culture, intention, and your own unique body chemistry all play a part in your overall experience. WHAT IS IT LIKE […]


BIOLOGY OF CANNABIS A strain is a specific plant genetic family phenotype or group. (Blue Dream, Northern Lights, Purple Urkle, etc.). Different strains of cannabis will contain varying levels of terpenes (organic compounds found in plants similar to essential oils) and cannabinoids. Strains are specific phenotypes of cannabis genetic families, that become known for their […]