This Cambridge dispensary caters to women, LGBTQ and older customers

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Leah Samura’s mission is to sell cannabis to your friends, parents and grandparents. Photo courtesy of Leah Samura   Harvard Square’s first cannabis dispensary — and its first Black-woman-owned business — is on track to open in September, CEO Leah Samura tells Axios.   Driving the news: Yamba Boutique is undergoing architectural review as Samura […]

A Growing Advantage

By Jessica Bartlett – Reporter, Boston Business Journal | Apr 1, 2021 The owners of three local cannabis firms seized on the chance to launch a delivery business Sieh “Chief” Samura and his wife Leah Samura are opening two dispensaries between them, and will soon launch a delivery business. GARY HIGGINS / BOSTON BUSINESS JOURNAL […]

Marijuana-infused lubricant is hitting the shelves in Mass.

Boston Globe By Felicia Gans Globe Staff,Updated March 1, 2019, 12:00 a.m. PURIENT/SIRA NATURALS The marijuana industry is about to get sexier. A cannabis-infused lubricant is hitting dispensary shelves this week for the first time in Massachusetts, and the product’s creators hope it revolutionizes the way people think about marijuana. “We designed Purient to kind […]

In the Weeds

BY JOSIE F. ABUGOV, CRIMSON STAFF WRITER APRIL 1, 2021 Leah Y. Samura is now one step closer to opening a sex-positive, women-focused cannabis boutique at 33 Church St. — a 1,300 square ft. space in Harvard Square that was once a police headquarters. Last month, she reached the final checkpoint in the convoluted bureaucratic […]

NBC Bostin Ten ” How Has Business Grown”

Five years ago, Massachusetts voters decided to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes for people 21+. Voters made their voices heard loud and clear that day, but state lawmakers essentially rewrote that law, and it was a couple more years after that until the sale of legal recreational pot. But in five years since the vote, […]


THE ENTOURAGE EFFECT Terpenes/terpenoids modify the effect of cannabinoids creating a unique profile of cannabinoid and terpenoid, which we classify into strains. The sum or strength of effects can become greater than the total when mixing cannabinoids and terpenes. The effect of terpenes and other cannabinoids modifying the effect in the human body to create […]


THE CANNABIS AWAKENING The Cannabis Awakening is the socio-cultural phenomenon currently taking place in America and across the world, that is marked by the following factors and behaviors, typically in this order… Increasing cannabis legality and social acceptance, that is soon followed with radical changes in culture. These changes in culture result not only from […]


PROHIBITION OF CANNABIS CANNABIS HISTORY Cannabis was criminalized in America and the West by a long line of American prohibitionists going back to the 1930s. Informed by the biased and admittedly racist mainstream media of the day. (D.W. Griffiths Birth of a Nation was the first Hollywood Blockbuster in 1915, and informed generations of Americans […]